Sora is a 9th League Assassin  who is affiliated with Hebi tochi (Land of the Snakes) and is a dark person because of an "Incident" that happened about 10 years ago. Sora is currently alive and is 22.


Sora is a dark person who is a sad about something that happened 10 years ago. On Sora's first day working at Hebi tochi she wouldn't talk to anyone. Sora is a person described in Chapter 4 as a "Heel of Destiny." Sora has appeared in very little chapters so not much is known about her.


Name: Sora


Sora's final words to her brother.

To: Hebi tochi

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Assassin's League: 9th

Job: Hunter


Sora is about 5'9 and has ligt purple hair. She wears a blood red robe with a purple fire pattern. She wears red sandels and her legs are completely bandaged.

Powers & Special AbilitiesEdit

As stated every Assassin is born with something special. Sora wasn't born with one she stole it from her dead brother by drawing his blood into her body wich caused her to collapse in pain. She was given a permanent cut on her arm that could grow into a blade. Any body who posses this ability is known as a "Heel of Destiny,Pain,Heaven,Darkness, or Justice."

About (Turbo X)Edit

Sora was the best Assassin claimed in a rock at Eiyo Island. One day she had to kill her 8 year old brother becuase he was working for Ha-to. This upsetted Sora and caused her permanent pain and regrets.


-About Sora's Brother "I...didn't want to like 10 years ago."

-To Goro and Hana's death "Dont go I've seen to many people die like Hana. Please dont...leave.."

-To Kyoko "I dedicated my life to Hebi tochi! I do this for my brother! Ha-to Assassins will die by my hand and Aka Was'."


-Sora was 13 when she killed her brother.

-Sora has said "I dedicate my life to Hebi Tochi" more than anyone in the series!

-Sora could have been a child when Hebi Tochi was founded.

-Sora is the least shown character in the series.